Pilot Awards
Award Description Image
World Tour I Completed the World Tour 2006
World Tour 2 Completed the World Tour 2008
World Tour 3 Completed the World Tour 2010
World Tour 2012 Completed the World Tour 2012
World Tour 2014 Completed the World Tour 2014
Greece Tour Completed the Greece Tour
Great Aussie Tour Completed the Great Aussie Tour
Latin American Tour Completed the Latin American Tour
Europe Tour Completed the Europe Tour
Classic Tour Completed the Classic Tour
East Europe/Asia Tour Completed the East Europe/Asia Tour
Himalaya Tour Completed the Himalaya Tour
EU City Tour Completed the EU City Tour
Express Tour Completed the Express Tour
UK Tour Completed the UK Tour
Benelux Tour Completed the VFR/IFR Benelux Tour
Norway Tour Completed the VFR/IFR Norway Tour
Iberian Tour 2012 Completed the Iberian Tour 2012
USA 50 State Tour Completed the USA 50 State Tour
Mediterranean Sea Tour Completed the Mediterranean Sea 2013 Tour
Tour Grande Italia Completed the Tour Grande Italia
Tour de France Completed the Tour de France 2013
SKI and Gypsum Tour Completed the SKI and Gypsum (return) Tour 2013/2014
Europa Tour 2014 Completed the Europa Tour 2014
UK Tour 2014 Completed the UK Tour 2014
Scandinavian Crossing Completed the Scandinavian Crossing Tour 2014
Formula 1 Tour 2015 Completed the Formula 1 Tour 2015
Capitals of the European Completed the Capitals of the European Union Tour
Africa Tour Completed te Africa Tour
The Caribbean Tour 2016 Completed the Caribbean Tour 2016
Amsterdam to Alaska Tour Completed the Amsterdam to Alaska Tour
Oceanië tour Completed the Oceanië Tour
Airliner Pilot Completed the V-Bird VA Airline Tour
Cargo Pilot Completed the V-Bird VA Cargo Tour
Amazone Tour Completed the Amazone Tour
East Asia Completed the East Asia tour
Andes Tour Completed the Andes tour
Europe - Asia Completed the Europe - Asia Tour
English Pub Tour Completed the English PubTour
Norway VFR flight Completed the Norway VFR flight on 21-02-2009
WK2010 supporters Flight Completed the WK2010 supporters Flight on 12-06-2010
IVAM - IVAO Portugal Participation IVAM event on IVAO 23-07-2011
IVAM 2012 - IVAO Portugal Participation IVAM event on IVAO 15-09-2012
Norway VFR flight 2013 Completed the Norway VFR flight on 02-06-2013
Olympic Games 2014 Completed the online flight to Sotchi on 02-02-2014
WK2014 Supporters Flight Completed the WK2014 supporters Flight on 07-06-2014 or 08-06-2014
Olympics 2018 Completed a flight to South Korea (02/02/2018 till 05/02/2018)
500 Hours Obtained 500 hours
1000 Hours Obtained 1000 hours
2500 Hours Obtained 2500 hours
5000 Hours Obtained 5000 hours
10.000 Hours Obtained 10.000 hours
15.000 Hours Obtained 15.000 hours
20.000 Hours Obtained 20.000 hours
25.000 Hours Obtained 25.000 hours
First Flight Made the First Flight
100th Flight Made the 100th Flight
500th Flight Made the 500th Flight
1000th Flight Made the 1000th Flight
2500th Flight Made the 2500th Flight
5000th Flight Made the 5000th Flight
7500th Flight Made the 7500th Flight
Onno Sluijter Memorial The special Onno Sluijter Memorial Award
Arnold Abramsen Memorial The special Arnold Abramsen Memorial Award
Wim Velleman Memorial The special Wim Velleman Memorial Award
Pilot of the month Pilot of the month recognition
Pilot of the Year 2006 Pilot of the Year 2006 recognition
Pilot of the Year 2007 Pilot of the Year 2007 recognition
Pilot of the Year 2008 Pilot of the Year 2008 recognition
Pilot of the Year 2009 Pilot of the Year 2009 recognition
V-Bird contributor award For pilots who are doing extra´s for the VA as non staff member
Honorary Member For special pilots with 5000 flights or 5000 V-Bird hours under their belt
Staff Staff Member