Every autumn, an International Flight Simulator Weekend is held at the Aviodrome Museum at Lelystad Airport. The leading man is Frans Broekhuijsen, who organises and makes sure that this annual event runs smoothly.


    Frans Broekhuijsen

Since 2004 the V-Bird Virtual Airline is present at this event. In 2004, it was together with the Dutchbird VA, in 2005 together with a (then) new online network called GlobalSim, and since 2006 we do it on our own.

Every year we look at people who take their first steps in this fantastic hobby. We try to answer as many questions and of course we meet old friends and our own pilots. It's always fun to see the faces behind the voices on Teamspeak or behind the e-mails. 

During this event, the audience can take note of the versatility of the hobby. During one weekend in November the museum is filled with stands of various groups. Virtual Airlines like V-Bird, networks like IVAO and Vatsim where you can fly online, Scenery builders like NL2000, various HCC Groups, cockpit builders and many more are present during this weekend. Various groups give demos or give you the opportunity to fly virtually around.

This year, the event will take place in the weekend of the 4th and 5th November 2017 from 10:00 to 17:00. V-Bird VA will be present also with a number of systems and members during this event.

Provisional program for 2017:

  • Continuous questions can be asked to the members of the V-Bird VA.
  • People can continuously try to make a virtual flight (For the children there is even a certificate after the flight).
  • There is an Ocules Rift 3D-glasses present that can be tried under the guidance of Marcel Doesburg.
  • Wim Hoogstraaten will demonstrate flights with the famous Connie, the A2A Simulations Captain of the Ship L049 Constellation. 
  • Saturday, November 4, Leon van Dijk will give a demonstrations with X-plane-11 and will answer X-plane-11 questions throughout the day.
  • You can talk with Frank Beenke about the future of Lelystad Airport

The program will be expanded in the run-up to this fantastic event. For more information about the programs of other Flightsim Clubs, see further http://www.fsweekend.com

We hope to welcome you on November 4th or November 5th at the Aviodrome at Lelystad Airport https://www.aviodrome.nl/

In 2006, Sander Parijs started making promotional videos for V-Bird Virtual Airline special for the FS-Weekend. In 2009 Kees Aarts took over and also made 3 videos for the FS weekend.

Enjoy the promo movies that have been made over time!


(Promo movie FS-Weekend 2006)                                (Promo movie FS-Weekend 2007)                                 (Promo movie FS-Weekend 2008)


(Promo movie FS-Weekend 2009)                                (Promo movie FS-Weekend 2010)                                 (Promo movie FS-Weekend 2014)