History of the V-Bird VA Group


The V-Bird Virtual Airline (VBV) began in 2004 with the blessing (permission) of the real V-Bird. Initially there was a code-sharing relationship with the Dutchbird Virtual Airline. It was this code-share that attracted a lot of people who are still active pilots or even staffmembers today! In October of 2004 there was a change in CEO's. It was this change of vision that helped VBV to grow into what it is today -- one heck of a fun VA! When the real V-Bird went bankrupt at the end of 2004 there were doubts wether to continue with the virtual airline or not. We decided we had such a great bunch of people it would be a waste to let it all go.

In VA terms, we're still a young virtual airline. The dedication and enthusiasm of our community is something we really cherish and made us what we are today. It is our community that has driven us to expand and develop new opportunities for our pilots and it will allow VBV to continue to grow and evolve.

Over the years we have been experimenting with new websites, new divisions, new tools etc. After a lot of trial and error we are at the moment making use of phpVMS, a virtual airline administration system making it possible to integrate a lot of flight simulator solutions in one. We have chosen this system for the ease of our members and the broad range of opportunities we now have.

Although we started as one Virtual Airline we are currently a Virtual Airline Group. Back in September 2009 we took under our wings the Ukrainian AeroSvit Virtual Airline to give it a second life. It was at that moment we decided to form a Group, the V-Bird Virtual Airline Group. While having the possibilities of phpVMS and based on the principle of simularity we decided to use the same web design as for the V-Bird VA, but just with the AeroSvit theme.

As our community grew we were asked more often whether we could do something with old aircraft and/or old airlines. It was in 2011 when we came up with the idea of the Virtual Classics Airlines. The Virtual Classics Airlines (VCA) is a kind of subgroup containing multiple airlines varying between very old to just gone bankrupt. Again we make use of the same webdesign but with a different theme.

In 2013 we decided to let go of the AeroSvit Virtual Airline because of a lack of pilots while still using up a lot of our time and data.

Over the years the Virtual Airline has changed a lot. Often these changes are brought about by suggestions from members of our community. It is wonderful sense of community that will continue to drive VBV to fly higher and higher!

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