Onno Sluijter (VBV032) 

On the 27th of October 2010 the V-Bird Group lost one of it's valuable members.  We knew Onno was sick, but it went to fast. He was busy in the nursing home where he stayed 
to get a good internet connection  so he could fly online with his flying buddies.  On October 24, 2010, he made a flight for the V-Bird VA group f r om  Boston to Bradley International. 
  It was his last flight for V-Bird because on Wednesday, October 27 2010 Onno left for his final journey. 

 Staff V-Bird VA Group

  Onno craftsman as he was, he was always ready with a kind word  to everyone.
 He had the gift to listen to you and he was empathetic. 

 Rolf Spaan (VBV006)  
  Flight of the bird
 Sometimes a touch of wind
 sometimes in a storm
 they fly to their destination, vice versa
 What dreams whim birds
 that they are lightly
 in so much air travel
 I'm looking for the final destination
 that must be somewhere
 I'm looking for it.

 Johan Kraanen (VBV070)