Anthony L. Holden (VBV008)
January 29, 2017 the flightsim world and the V-Bird VA Group lost a member who for many years crossed the virtual airspace. In the early days of the V-Bird VA Anthony was briefly a staff member and created the Cargo Division.  At that time V-Bird was doing his online flying mostly on GlobalSim where Anthony was the Director of the English Division.
A lot of times we were online with a bunch and Anthony was teaching us ATC stuff. Mostly trough Skype or "Skippy" as Anthony called it and what a fun that always was. Anthony, with his typicall British humor could make you laugh so hard that tears would roll over your cheeks. I can still hear his voice saying "You´re not cleared to land because there are sheep on the runway".
After GlobalSim stopped Anthony left V-Bird and started on IVAO to control in various divisions and also hold some staff poistions. He did his flying for other Virtual Airlines like Air Lingus Virtual.  In august 2013 Anthony rejoined the V-Bird VA group under his old pilotnumber VBV008. His last flight for the V-Bird VA group was on the 9th of October 2016 and then went On Leave because of his health.  
On January 29, 2017 Anthony left for his final journey.
Staff V-Bird VA Group
Anthony, my friend, you will be missed and thank you for all the fun times we had. I will cherish them for always.
Cor de Bruin (VBV001)