Arnold Kempen (VBV004)
Sunday, March 24, 2019, the staff of V-Bird received an E-mail from Rick Kempen, the son of Arnold Kempen, that Arnold was no longer reading his E-mails and also no longer checked his Facebook. The staff was already aware that despite the positive reports from the end of 2018, it was not going well with Arnold. The defeat within the staff was great.
Arnold has been a great value within V-Bird's staff for years and always organized the meetings in Hilversum and the plane spotting at Schiphol. He also always provided the cheerful note within staff meetings when needed.
Arnold will be missed as a member of staff, a member of V-Bird but especially as the person he was. Straightforward and with a huge sense of humor.
My friend, goodbye and till we meet again.
Arnold left for his last trip on March 31, 2019.
Staf V-Bird VA Group
If you know that, in the twice a year that I saw you, your death hits me this way
you must have been a very beautiful person ............. and you were.

R.I.P forever
Nico Biesheuvel VBV037