Dries Boer (VBV090)
June 21, 2015 V-Bird VA lost a member who was a member since 2011. Since that year, Dries until January 22, 2015 made a total of 231 flights with a total of 300 hours for V-Bird.
Then Dries was through his illness no longer able to pursue his hobby. From his son André I learned that Dries had a passion for flying and that he was formerly a member of the Royal Air Forces Association.
Dries also has served on the board of the Dutch Dakota Association but above all Dries in recent years adored Flight Simulator . Every time Andre was with him he showed him how professional he dealt with that which is perhaps for other people just a game. Indexes filled with logs, schedules with radar's full scheduled flights there was nothing left to chance.
On June 21, 2015 Dries left for his last journey.
André Boer en Staff V-Bird VA group