Stef Meester (VBV016)
On November 11, 2019 we received the sad news from Nico van Ostaden that Stef Meester (VBV016) had died that morning at 3:15 am at the age of 65. 
Stef had been a member of V-Bird for a long time and cherished the meetings in Hilversum because he always enjoyed being with the other members. He told me that although he sometimes did not find the topics interesting, he always enjoyed spending a Saturday with the other members of the club. Although we had known for a long time that Stef was very ill, he promised me a few months ago that he would be there at the 15th anniversary of V-Bird in October in Hilversum and although he did not feel well that day he was there indeed.
I talked to Stef in peace that day about the approaching end and he already knew the destination for his Memoriam flight, namely Geneva. At the end of the day we said goodbye to each other. I will not forget his last words to me "Cor, I will not be there anymore, but I hope you can give a speech like this again in 5 years. Be well." 

Stef Meester (Stuffie), we will miss you man. You had a distinct sense of humor and his heart was in the right place and always willing to help others.

Stef left on November 11, 2019 for his final journey.
Staf V-Bird VA Group