Willem Linschooten (VBV092)
On Saturday, September the 1st, the CEO of V-Bird VA received the news via Nico van Ostaden (VBV035) that Wim Linschooten was preparing his "Last Flight". Willem was incurably ill and was admitted to health care home Zonnehuis Amstelveen and was forced to end his hobby Flight Simulation as a member of V-Bird VA. The CEO was thanked for the membership. Willem himself has chosen his own memorial flight.
On Saturday, September the 29th, 2018, the CEO received the following message from Nico van Ostaden.
"Willem Linschooten VBV092 passes away this afternoon at 2.30 pm in Amstelveen"
The staff and all pilots of V-Bird VA hope that Willem has had a good last flight and wish all family members, friends and acquaintances a lot of strength.
Staf V-Bird VA Group

It goes without saying: you can make our hobby as complicated as you like. As a matter of fact, that's an important part of the fun, a passion if 
you like. With or without lots of money.In that way you succeed to remain a "Homo ludens", a playful human being.That's the way I fly the virtual skies. Using SIDS and STARS, with 
V-Pilot, travelling to far away places.

Until the moment you are back on your feet again, this time by a message 
from Nico van Ostaden, about his friend Willem.His carefully chosen words touch me instantly. I quickly send a postcard 
to the Zonnehuis, where Willem stays. It shows a old aircraft flying over Manhattan.

To my surprise, considering the condition he must be in, he reacts....in writing.
That's wonderful ! I make an appointment to visit him in Amstelveen.Nico is there too. I see Willem for the first time.
For one hour three elder men talk about aircraft, add-ons, family and dieselcars.
Willem, obviously getting tired, also talks about the irrevocable he arranged for himself. At that moment it is still the beginning of october he thinks of.

Apparently he took off earlier...

Friends, let's not forget him.
Leo Verbruggen (VBV185)