Protection of personal data
We take the privacy of personal data very seriously.
The V-Bird VA Group will not sell and / or provide personal data to third parties without the explicit permission / consent of the person or persons involved.
We only process personal data for the purpose for which they were provided and do so under Dutch law, more specifically in accordance with the Implementation Act General Data Protection Regulation of May 25, 2018, generally known as and hereinafter referred to as the GPDR.
Your data on the server of the V-Bird VA Group
Your personal data are stored in our system which is hosted on servers of DirectVPSThe DirectVPS servers are located in the Netherlands. Your data will be transferred, stored and processed in the Netherlands. The current Terms and Conditions DirectVPS can be found here and the General conditions with effect from 20 June 2018 can be found here.
For what purpose do we use the personal data?
The data is collected and stored for the following purposes:
We use your name and e-mail address for sending automatic messages from the server regarding the status of your V-Bird VA Group membership.
We only do this with data that you entered when you registered with the V-Bird VA Group.

When you register with the V-Bird VA Group, your name and e-mail address are required to send you an acceptance e-mail or rejection e-mail.
By providing the information to us, you give us permission to use the data for the above purposes.

The personal data that you enter on the V-Bird VA Group website are always treated confidentially and not provided to third parties.
When you send us an e-mail or other messages, it is possible that these messages are forwarded to the private E-mail address of a staff member of the V-Bird VA Group. Not every staff member uses a mailbox from the V-Bird VA Group. This makes it possible to process your questions and answer your requests.

You can use the internal Airmail at all times when you are a member of V-Bird VA Group. No E-mail addresses are used for this purpose only your name and the VBV number assigned by the V-Bird VA group.
We use newsletters for certain purposes. These are not turned on by default. You have to activate it yourself via the menu on the website once your membership has been approved. You can turn it on and off at any time.
What information do we request when registering?
First and last name
For administrative processing in our system. This is mandatory and without this information the registration will not be processed by our system.
This also serves to check whether the registration is done by a natural person.

Valid E-mail address
For administrative processing in our system. This also serves to check whether the registration is done by a natural person. Valid E-mail address is required.

A password must at all times contain at least 6 characters and is stored encrypted in the V-Bird VA Group's systems.

Date of birth
This is to check whether you have the minimum age indicated to be able to become a member of the V-Bird VA Group.

IP address
Your IP address will be stored at the time of registration and upon acceptance with every login on the website in order to access the website in case of abuse and / or misbehavior to block.

After acceptance, some of the data such as first and last name will also be stored in the forum used by the V-Bird VA Group. Also your password will be stored as encrypted data. If you do not want this you can always submit a request for the removal of this data. After removal you will not be given access to the forum again.

You can view all the data you have provided at any time and partly change it yourself via your personal page after logging in to the website.

Security of personal data
We have taken appropriate technical measures to protect personal data against loss or other forms of unlawful processing.
These measures, including encryption through an SSL certificate, enforcing strong passwords and separate accounts on the basis of "least privilege", ensure a security level that matches the data we process.
Who has access to the data you provide
All active staff members mentioned on the website  (Click here). This concerns the data provided upon registration, except for the password you provided that is stored encrypted and is not visible to anyone.
A cookie is a small file that is sent by our website and Forum and placed by your browser on the device where you visit our website. The information stored in the cookie can be sent back to our website when you visit the website again. These cookies are used for the best possible effect of the website and forum.
More information about cookies can be found here.
Switch off and remove
Do you want to disable or delete the cookies? You can do this via your browser settings. If necessary, use the help function of your browser to find out how you can do this.
Things you can always do:
  • Disable "third party cookies" automatically in your browser. Modern browsers (Chrome and Firefox) offer many options for this. Indicate in your browser settings that you do not want to be 'tracked'.
  • You can always remove the placed cookies from your browser and you can also block them per domain. Here you can find more information about how you can disable cookies.
Social Media
The V-Bird VA group has a closed group on Facebook that only includes people who are members of V-Bird. Periodically it will be checked whether these are still correct and any ex-members are then removed. You are not automatically registered with the Facebook group of the V-Bird VA Group. With regard to the members if necessary / desired contact Cor de Bruin (

We have placed clickable icons from Facebook and Twitter on our website. You can read the privacy statements of both Facebook and Twitter to see how they deal with your privacy. Below the links to the privacy statements:
On the website of the V-Bird VA Group you will find links that take you to websites outside of It may be that these external websites use cookies. We would like to refer you to the cookie or privacy statement of the relevant website.
Storage period

We store your data as long as you are a member of the V-Bird VA Group. Upon termination of the membership by you or after the predetermined set term of inactivity by the V-Bird VA Group has been exceeded , all your data will be deleted in the administration and the forum. The V-Bird VA Group does not store data from persons who are not members (anymore).After deleting your data on the active website, your data will still be present in the backups until the backup retention periode has expired. The retention periode of directVPS is 7 days.If you have also registered for the newsletters, you can unsubscribe yourself via the link sent with all newsletters or via a request to Cor de Bruin (
You always have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of your data, after which we will delete all your data from our systems. This immediately ends the membership of the V-Bird VA Group. The withdrawal of this consent does not affect the lawfulness of the processing of the data on the basis of the permission that took place prior to this withdrawal. You can always view the data you provided when you registered via the button "Edited my Profile, Email and Avatar" on your personal page. You can also change this information except your first and last name yourself. You have a right to erase your personal data, a right to restrict the processing and a right to object to the processing. You also have the right to transfer your data. For this you can make a written request to Cor de Bruin (

After processing your request for the deletion of your personal data, the membership of the V-Bird VA Group will immediately end. After processing your request for limitation of the processing or after you have objected to the processing, the V-Bird VA Group may decide to terminate the membership immediately as soon as the limitation or the objections hinder the proper functioning of the membership.
Whenever the English version is unclear or in conflict with the Dutch version, the Dutch version is the valid version 
The V-Bird VA Group reserves the right to change our privacy policy at all times
The changes will be announced by reporting via the Staf newsletter, the forum and Airmail.
The changes take effect on the announced time of entry into force.